Modise Motaung

SJ_D0244Profile of Mr Modise Motaung

Mr. Modise Motaung is a dynamic, energetic, self-motivated and highly result driven individual with a proven record to develop and strengthen teams in order to maximise company profitability and efficiency.  Resourceful and proactive, he combines effective communication skills with detailed product knowledge to identify commercial opportunities and deliver satisfactory outcome for both customer and company whilst working alone and as a part of a larger team.

His Human Resources Management qualifications and Industrial Psychology background which he describes as a window to the human mind affords him an advantage to different types of people, society and their interactions.  He is fascinated by understanding the reason behind human behaviour, actions, interactions and human development.

Mr Motaung has in abundance, a solid emotional footing that allows him to handle the stress and emotional turmoil that can come from interacting with unsettled individuals.  As a trustworthy person, he is able to convey and receive sensitive information effectively, whilst providing empathy and reassurance to those he is communicating with.

Mr Motaung is open-minded and tolerant of all kinds of people and situations, which helps him to be receptive to new ways of thinking that might challenge established ideas.  On top of these points, he is also a very patient individual who understands that significant periods of time can pass before substantial results can be seen. Read More